lørdag 20. september 2008

New York

New New York! 16.09.2008
My first stop on the way around the world. I only had half a day to spend in this big city, so what do you do? Central Park was my first thought, after all I´m a landscape architect. Then maybe Times Square, because everyone loves a lightshow. I met some Americans on the way from the Hotel, and I thought they could help me find the way to these attractions, but they were out-of-towners and showed me in the wrong direction.
Finally I got to see both and meet a friend of mine, Kate, and eat a huge burrito before it was bedtime. The flight to Quito was waiting bloody early next morning.

onsdag 3. september 2008

Reiserute/Route of travel!

Slik ser ruta ut pr. 3.sep 2008/Route as of 3. september 2008
Norge 16.sep (2008)
New York 16.sep 17.sep
Ecuador 17.sep 05.okt
Peru 05.okt 20.okt
Bolivia 20.okt 28.okt
Chile 28.okt 4.nov
Argentina 4.nov 24.nov
Costa Rica 24.nov 08.des
Panama 08.des 11.des
Mexico 11.des 18.des
USA 18.des 21.des
Fiji 23.des 01.jan (2009)
New Zealand 01.jan 26.feb
Australia 26.feb 09.apr
Indonesia 09.apr 23.apr
Singapore 23.apr 26.apr
Malaysia 26.apr 03.mai
Thailand 03.mai 17.mai
Kambodsja 17.mai 27.mai
Vietnam 27.mai 06.jun
Kina 06.jun 14.jun
Norge 15.jun