fredag 12. desember 2008

Mexico 12.12-18.12

Voladores de papantela
Punting in Xochimilco
Diego Riveras mural in Palacio National
No balloons inside the basilika
...but outside is OK, Basilika de la Virgen
Me and Gaby at Teotihuacan
Tuna fruits on a "cacti"
Mexico skyline
More Teotihuacan

Even more Teotihuacan


Templo Mayor

Local streetfood, supposedly not good for western stomaches, but mine was OK

Cleaning the spirit?

Costa Rica 10.12-11.12

Manuel Antonio Nat. park

Lazy monkey, Manuel Antonio Nat.park

Danceshow in San Jose

Mmm, fresh coconutjuice

tirsdag 2. desember 2008

Nicaragua 01.12-09.12

Church in Granada

View over Granada

The yellow chickenbuses, not buildt for european legs

Festival de la Virgen, Granada first underwater picture with my camera

Coffee, Isla de Ometepe

Cloudforest in Ometepe

Surflessons in San Juan del Sur

Sunset in San Juan del Sur

The mysterious red turtle, almost extinct

søndag 23. november 2008

Costa Rica 24.11-30.11

Colibris drinking some sugerwater, Parque Nat. Santa HelenaWe had to clean up in the jungle...
Cloudforest in Monteverde
Prayer, watch out for this aggressive little bastard, it may attack photographers.
Canopy in La Fortuna, great fun!
Ready for canopy!
People taking pictures of a sloth, La Fortuna

fredag 21. november 2008

Buenos Aires 18.11-23.11

Local match is a must; River 1-Argentinos 2, it´s been a bas season for River so far.
Parilla Siga la Vaca, eat as much as you can/ tenedor libre:)
Floralis generica, mechanical flower
People taking pictures of Eva Peron´s toomb
Cementerio de la Recoleta
Blogging and drinking mate
Haven`t forgotten my profesion yet and went to some parks in Puerto Madero, BA
Mmm, Chai-tea by Puerto Madero

Jacaranda flowers

Plaza Fuerza Aerea Argentina

Puenta de Mujeres by Calatrava

The great fallos of BA

Jacaranda tree in bloom, a typical streettree in BA.

The pink president-palace in Placa Mayo