søndag 23. november 2008

Costa Rica 24.11-30.11

Colibris drinking some sugerwater, Parque Nat. Santa HelenaWe had to clean up in the jungle...
Cloudforest in Monteverde
Prayer, watch out for this aggressive little bastard, it may attack photographers.
Canopy in La Fortuna, great fun!
Ready for canopy!
People taking pictures of a sloth, La Fortuna

fredag 21. november 2008

Buenos Aires 18.11-23.11

Local match is a must; River 1-Argentinos 2, it´s been a bas season for River so far.
Parilla Siga la Vaca, eat as much as you can/ tenedor libre:)
Floralis generica, mechanical flower
People taking pictures of Eva Peron´s toomb
Cementerio de la Recoleta
Blogging and drinking mate
Haven`t forgotten my profesion yet and went to some parks in Puerto Madero, BA
Mmm, Chai-tea by Puerto Madero

Jacaranda flowers

Plaza Fuerza Aerea Argentina

Puenta de Mujeres by Calatrava

The great fallos of BA

Jacaranda tree in bloom, a typical streettree in BA.

The pink president-palace in Placa Mayo

Mendoza 14.11-17.11

Bike & Wine!
Chillin` in Plaza España i Mendoza

Sebastian, chef at our Asado in Lao Hostel

Luch in the green during Bike & Wine

"Don`t go this way"

Bariloche 11.11-13.11

Trunk of Arrayana-tree
Mmm, bife de Chorizo at Alberto´s

Bariloche is all about views, here from Cerro Campanario.

lørdag 8. november 2008

Pucon 5.11-10.11

Vulcan Villarica with Itai and Paolo.

Araucaria araucana-branch (Monkey-puzzle tree:)

Termas Geometricas, hotpools in a narrow valley.

Flowering Cytisus on a rainy day, near Pucon

Pichilemu 3.11-5.11

Punta de lobos

Insert Jon-Olav here!

Sunset in Pichilemu

Valparaiso 1.11-3.11


Mountain of carbs!

Happy after recovering my camera from a teenager running away with it!